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Essential Info
Mystic Lights works with many other companies; some of the photos in the Gallery section reflect that fact.

General photo credits: Martin Dudley, David Fowler, Simon Hollingsworth, Louise Stickland, Bob Kiddle, Lee Smith and Pod Bluman




We price to your budget - if it's practical. There is no set unit cost per light, so no price-list.

With some of the best contacts in the lighting industry, we act as resellers for many of the top brands on the market.


Mystic Lights is proud to be part of a loose koollection - no, not a typo! - of projection friends who form the Liquid Light Orchestra 'collective'. Taking the Live Psychedelic Lightshow to places it has never been before, we have lit some of the world's biggest acts for one-off shows, and with international tour discussions progressing, the future looks bright! Made-up of projectionists who still 'know no fear', this is the most creative & highly-skilled live, liquid-based projection team on Earth. Really.
The Main Performers

Peter Wynne-Willson: Pink Floyd's original LD / WWG Ltd
Neil Rice: Krishna Lights / Optikinetics Ltd
Sid Fossil: Rave and Festival Psychedelia / Fossiloptical
Geoff Blindt: Rave and Festival Psychedelia / Mystic Lights
Jasper Johns: Fruit Salad Lights / The Colour Sound Experiment
Pogle Stowell: Hawkwind / Anarc Light Illuminations / The Colour Sound Experiment
Lightnin' Rod: Rave and Festival Psychedelia / Bubblevision
Jean-Luc Michaud: Rave and Festival Psychedelia / Hardware for Xenon

LLO are available for interesting projects worldwide.
NOT cheap but FANTASTIC value!



Optikinetics Ltd. - Projectors, effects and trussing systems
Paradigm Audio-Visual Ltd. - Rear projection and screens
WOMAD - Festivals worldwide
Optifanatics - Effects projection equipment

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